Halloween Costumes For Dogs and Their Humans

Little girl and her dog wearing matching Halloween costumes

There was a time when dressing up your dog for Halloween was considered a little, well, batty.

These days, the only time people are likely to frown upon your dog’s costume is when it’s not original enough. With so many canines in costumes making the rounds on Halloween, you gotta do something extra special to stand out.

Coordinating your dog’s getup with your own – or with another dog’s – is one way to take your pet costuming to the next level. After all, couples costumes have always scored bonus points on Halloween. When one or both of the of the couple happens to be an adorable pooch, you have a combination that’s greater than the sum of its paws.

Here are some ideas for Halloween costumes for dogs and owner, two dogs, and other frightfully fun pairings. You can buy these costumes off the shelf, or use them as inspiration for your own homemade creations.

Just don’t tell the dog it was our idea (we know how much they hate when humans pull this crap).

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Bat and Witch

Animal Planet Bat Dog Costume
California Costumes Women's Incantasia, The Glamour Witch Costume

Every witch needs a familiar, so why not work your magic and turn your dog into a bat? One of the most popular bat costumes for dogs is the Animal Planet costume pictured above (though if you want to go simple, you could just pick up a pair of wings). Obviously there are plenty of witch costumes out there – ugly, sexy, junior, girls, etc. The one pictured here is the Women’s Incantasia costume from California Costumes.


Bonus Idea: Another option is to dress your dog up as a witch to form your own little coven.

Lion and Ringmaster

Lion Mane Wig for Large Dogs
Circus ringmaster costume for kids

Not all dogs can pull off a lion costume, but when it works, the results are usually hilarious. The sly dog pictured here is wearing the Lion Mane Wig from Pet Premier. You can find lion tamer outfits for men, women, and kids. This one is the Forum Circus Ring Master Child Costume.


Bonus Idea: For an ultra-simple human costume, get a safari hat and binoculars.

Batman and Robin

DC Heroes and Villains Collection Pet Costume - Classic Batman
Rubies Costume Teen Titans Pet Costume, Robin

If you’ve got a dynamic dog duo to dress up this Halloween, this idea is for you. In fact, you probably already know exactly which one should be Batman (larger/more dominant) and which one makes a better Robin (smaller/more submissive). The Classic Batman and Teen Titans Robin costumes shown here are both from Rubie’s.


Bonus Idea: These costumes obviously also work well for a dog-human pairing, with the dog being your trusty sidekick.

Dinosaur and Cave Girl

Animal Planet Triceratops Dog Costume
Forum Women's Cave Beauty Costume

The smaller and more cuddly the dog, the funnier this idea gets. Also note that you can easily extend this concept to another human, with your cave man, cave woman, and little dinosaur making one happy prehistoric family. There are a number of dinosaur costumes for dogs to choose from, but this Triceratops costume from Animal Planet is a favorite. The human is dressed in the Forum Women’s Cave Beauty costume.


Bonus Idea: You could also pair your dino-dog with a character from the Jurassic Park movies.

Chewbacca and Han Solo

Chewbacca Dog Harness
Rubie's Costume Star Wars Han Solo Costume

Star Wars fans have more costume choices than you can shake a lightsaber at, but if you want to include your dog in your geeky sci-fi roleplyaing, you can hardly do better than this. Extra credit if you have a dog that actually resembles a wookiee under normal conditions. The Chewbacca Dog Harness shown here has to be one of the easiest “costumes” to get your dog to wear. In fact, you may be tempted to put it on your dog year-round. For the other half of the duo, there are of course lots of options, including this Han Solo costume from Rubie’s.


Bonus Idea: Other Star Wars-themed costumes for dogs include Yoda and the ever-popular Ewok.

Police Dog and Prisoner

Police Dog Pet Costume
Casual Canine Prison Pooch Dog Costume

It’s a common scenario: two dogs, two very different temperaments. If this describes your situation, then you might get a kick out of a good dog/bad dog theme like this one. On the law and order side, we have the Police Dog Pet costume from Rubie’s. On the naughty side, there’s the Prison Pooch costume from Casual Canine.


Bonus Idea: For an even bigger contrast, you could go with an angel/devil theme.

Bumble Bee and Flower

Bumble Bee Pet Costume
InCharacter Baby Blossom Costume

The only thing you can say about this combo is awwwwwww! Any other words simply fail to capture the level of cuteness here. The dog’s outfit is the Bumble Bee costume from Rubie’s. The baby is dressed in the Baby Blossom costume from InCharacter.


Bonus Idea: You can easily reverse the roles, with the baby/person being the bumble bee and the dog being the flower.

Taco and Hot Sauce

Fun World Taco Pet Food Dog Costume
Adult Hot Sauce Costume

You’ve probably seen dogs dressed up as hot dogs. Well, this costume idea has a little more kick to it. The dog is sporting the Fun World Taco costume from Official Costumes. The lady is dressed in the Adult Hot Sauce Costume from FunFill.


Bonus Idea: If you want to go the traditional hot dog route, you can condiment complement your little wiener as a bottle of ketchup or mustard.

These are just a handful of couples costume ideas for dogs and their people. You can come up with plenty of other wacky options if you put your mind to it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.